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Meet Dr. Jacey

Speaker and Wellness Expert

Having performed over 1000 speaking engagements in the community over the past recent years in the subject of health, Dr. Folkers noticed the need of a mentoring health program to help others regain their health in a more permanent, safe and effective way, in which education plays a central role.

Dr Folkers received his doctorate degree in chiropractic, Dr. Folkers also practices functional medicine. He has devoted most of his career to continued learning in order to help his patients even more. FUNCTIONAL Wellness is a unique approach to health that addresses the cause of the problem rather than chasing symptoms like traditional medicine. Dr. Folkers also sees some major downfalls in the future of American health care, especially with the diabetes and thyroid conditions rising exponentially. Changes are already happening that are jeopardizing the care people need. As a result, he has joined the PMA (Pastoral Medical Association) and is utilizing the Member Share Agreement to make sure that no one’s care is compromised in any way!

With 15 years of experience in the health and wellness area, Dr. Folkers practices functional wellness in Omaha, NE, at his “Envision Wellness Center”, where he incorporates nutrition, detoxification protocols, hormone balance, fitness and permanent weight control.  He uses these same protocols to also help educate and manage thousands of patients across the globe.  This is easily done now today with use of the internet and phone.  With a background in Exercise Science from the University of Nebraska, his postgraduate education in wellness and functional medicine. Other specialties of practice include nutrition and fitness and certifications with The American College of Sports Medicine.  Dr Folkers is also enrolled with Functional Medicine University and keeps up with latest advances and studies in functional medicine.