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Functional Medicine is All About You!

Functional Medicine is the evolution in the practice of medicine that better addresses the healthcare needs of our patients. The healthcare profession is experiencing an exciting shift from traditional disease-centered medicine to the more patient-centered approach that looks at the whole person, not just an isolated array of unrelated symptoms. Functional medicine doctors spend time with their patients, listen to their unique stories and look at the interactions between the genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that influence long-term health. These doctors believe that chronic disease is almost always preceded by a lengthy period of declining health in one or more of the organ systems of the body.

Functional Medicine is grounded in the following core principles:

Biochemical individuality based on genetic and environmental uniqueness
Patient-centered vs. disease-centered care
Dynamic balance of internal and external factors in a patient’s body, mind and spirit
Web-like interconnections of physiological factors
Health as positive vitality not just the absence of disease
Promotion of organ reserve to enhance “health” span not just the life-span of a patient

Emphasis in the practice of Functional Medicine is placed on understanding and improving the functional core of a patient and working to restore balance to a dysfunctional system by strengthening the underlying physiological processes.

Video: IFM Chairman Mark Hymen, MD, describes the fundamental differences between the acute and chronic care models. See more at: