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Patient Testimonials

Betty M.

"I have lost weight, have more energy, I feel better, sleep better and I enjoy life more as I'm not tired and I'm in a better mood.  I have learned how to exercise effectively to maintain more lean muscle."


Leda F.

"Before the program I had lack of energy, weight problems, thyroid problems and diabetes.  With the program I gained more energy w/ stamina.  My digestion has improved greatly.  I have less sniffles and colds than before.  I take less medications with some I no longer take at all.  I have lost over 30 pounds and have kept it off."


Kathy W.

"I have lost over 40 pounds. My ankle and leg swelling is greatly improved.  I have increased stamina and energy to do house-hold chores like mowing or shoveling.  I've lost some of my chins.  The best thing I've received is a clearer knowledge of what foods I need to eat and what foods to avoid.  Also my blood sugars are down!"


Darlene C.

"I've tried Weight Watchers before which did work , but I gained it all back.  Many other diets also that I lost weight but would gain it back.  This plan not only helped me lose weight, but I feel better also.  I sleep better and have more energy."


Nancy W.

"I had depression, low energy, overweight and thyroid function was not good.  They kept increasing my thyroid medication dose which didn't help improve function. I did the program and I lost 35 pounds, my cholesterol dropped, my triglycerides dropped.  I eat better and feel better.  I sleep better, my depression has lifted and I enjoy my life more!"


Julie T.

"I have lost weight and received a lot of education on good lifestyle, eating habits and nutrition.  I have learned ways of fixing meals that will benefit not only me, but my family also.  I now have an exercise routine set up that I can easily follow and maintain."


Carole W.

"I was on medication for my thyroid.  I learned all the other signs of thyroid related problems.  I have noticed a big difference in what I eat and how it reacts with me.  I'm no longer belching or bloated every time I eat."


Kathleen O.

" I had thyroid and intestinal issues.  I was taking mostly any kind of medication that was suggested before. I now have more energy, I feel better in general, my health has shown overall improvement."


Diane S.

"After having cancer my insides were a mess!  Because of the program, my gut is a million times better than before coming to Dr. Folkers.  I have started exercising again the right way!  I have embraced a healthy lifestyle!"


Melonie A.

"I had digestive issues, low energy, muscle and joint pain, hot and cold flashes, lack of temp regulation, no tolerance to stress and highly emotional.  I now have better energy, less pain, stronger, clearer thinking, better temperature control, sleeping better!"


Pam B.

"I lost weight, have less pain from my RA and I feel like I have more energy!"